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I am been trying to figure this out for the past hour. I was driving back home from a conference about a month ago and had a power inverter plugged into the outlet inside the center console when all of a sudden it all stopped working. For the past month I haven't had any power on any outlets and finally today got a chance to change the fuses.

I tried replacing all of the following fuses with none of them working: 11, 12, 13 and 19.

Is there one that I am missing that needs to be changed? I get absolutely no power on any outlets when the car is running or off. Everything else in the car is working fine.

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Definitely sounds like a fuse, but you must locate the one that powers accessories. Not sure what the ones you mentioned are, but if it is not for accessories, it is not it.

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That's what I thought. The on'es I changed were for power outlets, ignition outlets (only work when ignition is on) and battery outlets (always powered) and then 19 was what I found online to usually cause the power outlets not getting any power. No other fuse is labeled power outlet or accessory. – Dave Long Sep 12 '11 at 2:38

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