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I recently bought a used car and it did not come with an antenna. There is a cap where one should be and a wire runs up to it.

personlly I would like a short one (6" or less).

What antenna would you recomend?

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I think you need some more information to this question: what car, what are your requirements, etc. – Bob Cross Sep 1 '11 at 22:12

I'd recommend the biggest one you can fit. Generally speaking, more metal in the air makes for better receiving. Having an antenna tuned for the frequency you're listening to is of a slight advantage, often more than offset by having a bigger antenna. 2 and a half feet would probably be about optimal for auto usage. That's 1/4 wavelength in (roughly) the middle of the FM band. A 6" antenna is going to be less than 1/16 wavelength and not tuned at all. Might suit your purposes if you only like strong/nearby stations, but definitely won't be ideal.

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