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I have a 2001 Civic with 65K miles. I have not done the 60K service yet, but the maintenance schedule also says that is the 3 year maintenance. Is the age of the car as important as the mileage when following the schedule? Should I have all the maintenance suggested through the 120k miles / 10 year maintenance?

Other than the work contained in the 60k/3yrs service, this would also include:

  • replace brake fluid
  • inspect idle speed
  • replace transmission fluid
  • replace timing belt, inspect water pump
  • replace engine coolant
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You should do that maintenance every 3 years, or 60K miles, whichever comes first. Some items wear based on usage, others deteriorate over time.

If you're not up to 120K miles or 10 years, I don't see that you'd NEED to do that part now. However, it certainly wouldn't hurt the car to do so (might hurt your bank account though).

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