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My neighbor has a 2004 F150 with the key-less entry system. He purchased it at an auction (it was a repossession), and didn't get the code.

Short of taking it to the dealer (they want to charge 1 hr labor to reset it) is there a way to reprogram the code?

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Ford has the code in a few different places depending on year and model, but I think for a 2004 F150, it is on the back wall behind the drivers seat. They also sometimes write it out on the lock module itself. Hope that helps a little.

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To clarify: With the Ford factory 5-button keypad systems, you can't program a personal code without knowing the factory code. However, the factory code is printed on the keyless entry module. Once you have it, to program a personal code, follow the instructions in the owner's manual, e.g. [PDF]… (2004 Ford F-150 USA Owner's guide 5e, p. 94) – rakslice Dec 29 '11 at 10:27

Please also note that the entry code cannot be reprogrammed. It is more-or-less burned into the module. This is true of all fords. This module is called a GEM or RAP, depending on your model and vintage.

GEM - Generic Electronics Module. RAP - Remote AntiTheft Personality

If you wish to change the code, you have to replace this module to do so.

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