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I have one (slowly) leaking shock. It was pointed out to me by a service place, and they also told me that they would recommend replacing both shocks (i.e. the left and right side) at the same time even though there is currently no problem with the other side shock. They didn't really give me a solid reason so I felt like they are just wanting to get twice the money from me if the other shock is perfectly fine. I'm not sure how worn the shocks are.

Should I just replace the one shock or is it better to replace both at the same time? Why would you need to replace both of them simultaneously?

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Yes, you need to replace both shocks at the same time. One new shock can (and will) have an adverse effect on the handling and thus safety. A new shock has different damping characteristics as the old one and it can lead to weird steering behaviour, loss of grip on one wheel, etc.

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Definitely replace them in pairs, depending on the wear of them you might even have to replace all four as combining worn shocks with new ones can (a) have very undesirable effects on the handling and (b) tends to accelerate wear on the already worn shocks, leading to even more (a).

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