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The new (2009-current) BMW 335d sells in the U.S. with a DPF to reduce emissions, but which prevents the use of biodiesel. I've read about people removing the DPF and re-mapping their ECU to get better performance out of the engine. I'm wondering if doing this would allow the use of biodiesel without mechanical problems.

I am not asking about the implications on factory warranty.

I am not asking why using biodiesel is a bad idea (or a good one).

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Yes but as of present there are no US based tuners that provide a DPF delete kit or engine tuning (reprogramming) to allow the safe removal of this device. They exist overseas in the UK and Europe but I would hold off until someone in the US provides a product specific to the US car. Also the US spec 335d uses a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid, adblue, urea injection whatever you want to call it) system that will likely have to be disabled and removed through a reprogramming and since to my knowledge ONLY the US-spec cars use DEF the coding does not yet exist. Check out this thread...

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