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This question is not directly related to motor vehicle, but it's probably the best place to have answers.

In a DIY project, I want to use glowplug to heat air very quickly over 300°. Usually in a car, the glowplug is switched off after 30s because it's not needed anymore.

In my project, I would need it to be on for at least 15 minutes. Is it something I can do with glowplug ?

Thank you for your answers :)

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Why don't you buy one and test it? I have seen written where vehicle systems will keep the glow plugs on for 180 seconds (three minutes) or until the engine is warm enough to support combustion. I don't know the volume you are trying to heat, but realistically I don't think a glow plug is going to get the job done for you ... JMHO, though. –  Paulster2 Jun 28 '14 at 21:44

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