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My car won't start I turn the key and nothing happens no click or turning of the engine. When I wait after a while the car makes a beeping noise like it resests itself then it starts but as soon as I turn it off same thing. Now I'm having no luck of starting it. What could it be?

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How do I fix this –  user6300 Jun 25 at 14:33

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Your immobilizer is immobilizing.

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What does that mean sorry I'm not really familiar with that –  user6300 Jun 25 at 14:23
Your car's anti-theft system is preventing you from starting it. –  Juann Strauss Jun 25 at 14:31
Can I fix this myself –  user6300 Jun 25 at 14:33
This will likely be a Toyota service activity: reset your key –  Rory Alsop Jun 25 at 14:47
So it was an aftermarket security system and I removed it and my car starts fine thank you for your help –  user6300 Jun 27 at 19:19

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